It's 2016 yo ! And what better way to kick it off, then a FRESH new blog about what exactly inspires BEZANN...

This post is just a quick cap of my main inspiration going into 2016... which is basically... more COLOUR!

An article posted by Dazed and Confused magazine was what originally sparked this new colourful direction for me. The article featured Director, Wes Anderson and his use of pastel themed colour palettes in his films. Now, I am a big lover of Wes Anderson films, especially The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), the colours and symmetry used in this film kept my eyes occupied no matter what was going on! Anywho, the article describes the retro nostalgia that Anderson portrays in his colour schemes, and how he allows the viewers to be fully immersed in the storylines by the simple use of his imagery...

Moonrise Kingdom, 2012 - Colour Palette by Wes Anderson Palettes.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014 - Colour Palette by Wes Anderson Palettes

...My favourite film of all time Amelie follows similar colour themes to those of Wes Anderson, the use of pastel tones against burnt shades creates a warming connotation.

Artist Shae DeTar is a new inspiration of mine. Her prints are a beautiful mix of faded greys, contrasted with the same beautiful pastel hues seen in these movies. This is my favourite image of hers found via Fotographia Magazine.

My final little chip of new year inspiration comes from multi-talented rapper and designer, Tyler the Creator. The colours he uses in his videos and Odd Future Golf Wang clothing lines are bright and happy, contrasting a lot of the topics he raps about in his music. I especially love the colours used in his F/W 2015 lookbook.

I leave you with a few of my own colourful instagram snaps from 2015! Keep an eye out for new blog posts from Bezann this year, between the many projects that I have underway for 2016 - It's going to be a BIG one!

Peace & Love always!

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