We made it.. the January blues are over!

I've been a busy bean so far this year with some secret projects (behind the scenes post to follow soon...) So I thought I'd start off this month with more of what inspires Bezann - This time in video format, with a theme of keepin' it simple!

I've gone for my top 6 videos that are simple yet effective...

1. FIRST KISS from Tatia Pilieva

I like this video for it's own little journey; from awkward.. to more kinda lovely. The use of black and white with the neat compositions creates a simple vibe. It takes the attention away from the detail of the visuals, allowing you to concentrate on exactly what is happening, the feelings and pure human emotions.

2. Staple Pigeon Spring LookBook 2014 from Bryan Schlam

I found this video whilst looking for inspiration for a music video shoot. I love the colours and use of lighting, the contrasting shots and tight edit to the music. It's short and sweet and visually mesmerising.

3. Tyler The Creator - Yonkers

I am always inspired by the crazy mind of Tyler The Creator. This video was one of the first that inspired me to start making music videos. I am a BIG fan of black and white, I love how it gives limitation to the image, allowing the concentration to be focused on what is happening. The use of pull focus throughout this video gives it an edge and keeps it visually intriguing. In this case the video is simple, yet carefully choreographed and controversial.

4. XXYYXX - About You (Directed by VASH)

Jeff Vash is one of my favourite visual artists. This video was another of the first that inspired me to create visually inspiring music videos. With the combination of beautiful slow motion shots, natural and versitile ladies, and mellow colour pallete, the visuals complement the music perfectly.

5. R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys

This is not only one of my favourite songs, but favourite videos. Another fab use of black and white for a simplistic vibe. The low key filming style and clever editing techniques make it simple, yet intruiguing to watch.

6. Drop the Game - Flume & Chet Faker

I have always been a fan of interpretive dance in music videos, if it's done right. This is a perfect example; choreographed so smoothly that the fluid movements look natural, keeping you completely entranced. One person, one location, and a whole bunch of beautiful camera angles and movements.

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