Launching BRICTT UK


But for all good reasons...

Since late 2016 to right now I've been working on the launch of the fabulous BRICTT, a brand new contemporary theatre school in the heart of Brighton.

BRICTT was launched by my good friend Mia Bird, and I've been there for the ride since it was just a little seed.

BRICTT was formerly known as Bird Studios, a gorgeous multi-functional dance studio where I helped to create promo videos and run their social media.

As a West End performer herself, Mia had an idea to create a new kind of drama school, something that went against the grain for performing arts, something diverse, affordable and open to all...

...and there, BRICTT (Brighton Institute for Contemporary Theatre Training) was born.

I've helped to create a brand for BRICTT alongside some incredible people. Given the structure by a great graphic designer, Luke Breadon, who designed a bold logo and colour theme which really stood out to me (for my love of bright colours and all that) and a great photographer, Ashley Bird who created our initial eye catching imagery to help sell the course.

(and not to mention the incredible core team behind the rest of the business)

My job began by creating three strong, slick and striking videos to represent the three strands of dancing, acting and vocals.

This then developed to building a recognisable brand name and persona across the website and all social media platforms... blah blah blah... work work work...

... and here I am now! Social Media, Content and Video Manager for BRICTT. I've helped the business to grow from an idea to a brand through it's first two years as an official Institute.

It's been a MAD journey, it's been exhausting and I've truly seen the ins and outs of a start-up business. Myself and the core team have worn ALL of the hats (looking after crying students, making cups of tea, cleaning studios) but it's been worth every second.

Now at a steady pace with BRICTT, I've got time to put back into BEZANN and focus on some creative projects! So expect a lot more from me here...

Want to COLLAB with me this year? Ping me a message

B x

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